Overview of the JavaScript

July 13, 2019 machzqcq 0 Comments

What can I accomplish with JavaScript?

The ecosystem of JavaScript has grown. Long gone are the days of simply inserting jQuery into your website and fading stuff in or out.

Entering the world of JavaScript today is an overwhelming task with lots of possibilities. It also means that it’s a world that’s brimming with opportunity.


The different aspects of JavaScript

There are different types of aspects in Javascript ecosystem

  • Front-end development
  • Desktop (GUI) applications

Front-end Developer

Developing the user facing part of websites has become increasingly complex by becoming highly interactive and offloading traditional server-side tasks to the front-end. It was once unfathomable that we’ll be running the likes of Google Maps, Spotify or YouTube in our web browsers but here we are, with a varied toolset to make complex web applications.

Front-end web development has grown exponentially in the last few years and i will discuss some of the frameworks that use a lot in now a days.
With the growing complexity of websites and websites growing to web applications, there was a need to address the complex issues of web applications (state handling, data binding, view rendering, etc.). Many frameworks close to that challenge and three that are probably most popular today are Angular, React and Vue

Desktop (GUI) applications

Applications are mostly moving to the web or onto mobile devices. Still, desktop applications offer an immersion mostly unavailable to web applications.

The biggest advantage of writing your desktop applications with JavaScript is abstraction of the platform for which you are coding. Your applications are cross-platform and the modules you use simplify the usage of typical desktop features (such as tray icons, notifications, global keyboard shortcuts, etc.).

Having a good project structure allows you a lot of code reuse between your web and desktop application. That in turn leads to easier maintenance.