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Our training courses cover some of the most demanded skills in the market. Our tutors are real-time hands-on experienced professionals who apply the skills daily for solving software engineering problems. By learning with us, you are learning it the “right” way.

Tech sparks provides technology training for aspiring and experienced professionals. We are a team of real-time professionals who believe in improving the quality of the technology domain and hence formed the training center. We differentiate ourselves by offering high quality, niche and focused training courses that maximizes the use of time and money.

Teaching Faculty

Our teaching faculty work with large multinational corporations applying the skill daily, so you are in safe hands when it comes to learning from the right source

Lab facility

We are a BYOD (bring your own device) facility, though we can provide assistance with labs on case-case basis

Job assistance

While we do not provide job guarantee,  we provide job assistance and help you get into motion in your first job. This is a complimentary service only and we offer it based on availability of our tutor’s time

Value for money

There are far too many training centers, that take in large volumes of students in the race to make profits. Tech Sparks differentiates itself by offering high quality courses and we limit the intake of students in every batch – thereby allowing the tutors to help every student in the class to ask questions and take time to respond. Ultimately, we believe in giving value for your money and help you be successful in your career.

We believe in high quality over quantity. In reality, we need both to build great experiences.

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